Spring Edition 2021

Harpenden named as ‘Best Junior/Children’s Savings Provider’ at National Awards

Harpenden Building Society is delighted to announce that it has retained the ‘Best Junior/Children's Savings Provider’ award at the prestigious Personal Finance Awards. Now in its 23rd year, the awards have long been recognised as a benchmark for excellence in the UK’s consumer finance market.

The Society, with its Head Office based in Harpenden has a long standing reputation and offers a range of personal savings accounts to suit the needs of a diverse range of customers – all simple, straight forward and easy to operate.

As well as its award winning Child savings portfolio with its personal accounts for children and young people, Harpenden Building Society also provides adult accounts including a 30 days’ notice, 90 days’ notice, Cash ISA and an Instant Access account.


Sarah Howe, Chief Executive at Harpenden Building Society said: “We’re thrilled to be named as the ‘Best Junior/Children's Savings Provider’ once again at these national awards. Supporting our young savers is one of our top priorities. It’s a great honour that our work supporting junior savers has been recognised in this way.

We believe in helping our members whatever stage of life they are in, making their money work harder and giving them peace of mind knowing their money is safe and secure. It’s been especially important during this difficult year when everyone has been dealing with the challenges of Covid-19.”

The 2020 Personal Finance Awards were announced via a specially adapted, Covid friendly, digital awards day on November 25th, 2020.

Further information about Harpenden Building Society’s savings options can be found by visiting:  https://www.harpendenbs.co.uk/savings/

Harpenden is home to a thriving business economy with a range of firms across professional services, manufacturing activities, and high tech. This edition will help to showcase what they have to offer and how they contribute to the future well being of the town and its residents.




Harpenden’s Rothamsted Research plays a leading role in tackling Climate Change with SHAKE.

+ Up to £140k funding available.

SHAKE is a unique Climate Change programme which helps entrepreneurs and start-ups who are combating climate change with science or tech-based ideas in the areas of agriculture and food production. Set over two years it is an active learning programme with 3 phases which focuses on closing the gap in business development between the early start-up stage and investable businesses, through provision of expert care and advice, sourced through the high-profile consortium and its associated network of mentors. Up to £140k funding is available with two years of expert mentoring.

They are not a typical fund. Imagine them more like a family - nurturing collective potential to create something truly amazing, leveraging world class expertise in science, tech and business.

They have a shared passion and a

collective ambition to tackle climate

change who believe they have the

drive, determination and courage to

push the boundaries of the food and

farming industry.

They will support bright ideas,

providing  care, mentorship and

advice well beyond the initial funding

to turn ventures into a reality.

   Now in its third year, the Programme is

hosted and led by Rothamsted Research as

part of a consortium with three leading

universities – Cranfield University, the

University of Hertfordshire and University

College London, with funding by the Societe

Generale Foundation.

   “Virtually every step in the value chain associated with agriculture impacts on climate – from how food is grown or reared, to the way the food is harvested, transported, stored and distributed. In addition, farmers themselves face increasing pressure to deliver sufficient food sustainably, whilst dealing with increasingly unstable climates,” said SHAKE Programme Manager Ms Midtgaard.(above right)

   “At SHAKE, we believe Entrepreneurs have a unique role to play in countering these challenges; they are agile and flexible in their approaches and are unencumbered by the vested interests and legacy investments of larger business and corporates.”

To find out more and to apply, please visit http://www.shakeclimate.org/ and follow SHAKE https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/shakeclimate/ for the latest updates

Deadline for applications is Monday 3rd May by midnight 24.00 CET.


Home Meal Planning is one

of the hot trends finding its

way into many Harpenden


Harpenden’s Claire Gillies (right) wants to invite

you to become a subscriber to her service

“Delicious & Real Weekly Meal Plans”,

which  was launched in Spring 2020 during

the first Lockdown.


By creating a weekly meal-plan you will be reducing the amount of time you spend in the kitchen and supermarket as well as the amount of money you spend on your shopping. 


She wants to show people that cooking can be easy…the biggest dinner-time dilemma tends to be what to actually cook which is why she is all about weekly meal-planning: creating a menu by choosing dishes that suit the needs of your individual family and then compiling an associated shopping list.

If you plan your meals, you will be able to make more balanced choices; you will save money and you will definitely reduce those dreaded dinner-time dramas!    

She specialises  in simple recipes that use ‘normal’, everyday ingredients; they are generally quick and easy to prepare; and they are recipes that both children and adults can enjoy. 

All of her recipes have been tried and tasted (by family and friends) in her own kitchen and all of the associated photographs (below))  are her actual meals – no styling, no air-brushing. 

Food is a powerful tool: it has the ability to improve your general health and your mental well-being and can also give you a sense of pride and help show others how much you care.

Claire’s personal recipe library has over

250 to choose from.

Here are just a few to wet your appetite.

Courgette and red pepper pasta

Chicken goujons, potato wedges and rainbow salad

Homemade pizza

Roasted vegetable pie with potatoes and cabbage

Hoisin lamb with mixed vegetables

Turmeric pork with onion rice

Salmon burgers with bulgar wheat


By subscribing to Delicious and Real you

are signing up to a positive change! 

Option 1 Membership

£5.00 per month with 1 month free trial and a £0.99 sign-up fee

Option 2 Membership

£50 per year with 1 month free trial and a £0.99 sign-up fee

Full payment detail on their web site:


CONTACT via Email:



Call 01727 837760 OR

drop an email advice@stanta.co.uk

For more details of STANTA’s

services, see their website:




I hope you have enjoyed the first edition.

Ron Taylor   Editor

Edition No 2 will be published in April.

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