Election July 4   2024


THE RESULTS IN Harpenden and Berkhamsted

Victoria Collins, Liberal Democrats 27,282

Nigel Gardner, Conservative Party 16,574

Saba Poursaeedi,  Reform UK 4,245

Zara Layne, Labour Party 4,061

Paul de Hoest Green Party 1,951

Mark Patten, SDP 223

TURNOUT 75.49%

All candidates were offered the opportunity to say why you should vote for them.

First Off.

Paul de Hoest Green Party

The Green  Party five key policy areas to restore real hope and real change for the country are:

  1. 1.     The climate crisis urgent! We will aim for a rapid shift to a zero-carbon economy by 2040 through a massive expansion in all forms of renewable energy to decarbonise the grid.  We will reduce fossil fuel usage by investing in the EV charger network and provide incentives for EV ownership. We will expand and electrify public transport and invest in cycleways and footpaths. We will ensure all new homes are zero-carbon and carry out a nationwide leaky homes retrofit programme.

  1. 2.     We will reverse our biodiversity loss by cleaning up our waters, managing our waste better, giving the Environment Agency the resources to do its job properly and improve air quality.

  1. 3.     Public Services are the bedrock on which our economy stands, and the Green Party will invest up to £30bn per year to reduce waiting lists and improve the efficiency in our public NHS. We will resource our social care provision and support education by filling the teacher vacancies and invest in lifelong learning opportunities so that people can continue to grow as the economy evolves.

  1. 4.     High poverty is a scourge on our society and damages our economy and so the Green Party will increase the minimum wage to £15 per hour, uprate Universal Credit and protect tenants via a Renters Charter so that people can afford at least the basics.

5.      We will restore faith in the democratic process by reforming the voting system so that people can be confident that their vote truly counts.

Vote Green Party for bold ideas and bold voices that can hold the future Government to account to deliver in the best interests of all our people.

Below. Green Party members at the KWS school event June 17

Second Off.

Nigel Gardner, Conservative Party

My family go back many generations in Harpenden.  My grandfather grew up on the Childwickbury estate, and my grandmother was born upstairs in The Oddfellows Arms, on Leyton Green. She was one of 6 sisters – all born upstairs in the pub!

I went to school in Harpenden, to Aldwickbury, and then to St Albans School. So this may be a new constituency – but it is not new to me.

Later, I went to Oxford and then to work at the BBC. And from there a former Home secretary, Sir Leon Brittan, recruited me to go to the European Commission in Brusssels, working on trade policy and cutting business red tape. Afterwards, I set up 3 businesses of my own, creating hundreds of jobs.

Politically, I didn’t start off a conservative, I became one.  I’d seen first-hand building those businesses the consequences of a Labour government on wealth creation. Without wealth creation, we simply can’t afford the public services we would all like to see

This campaign is obviously about party, but for me it is also about place – I only want to be the MP for here. My priorities are stopping the plan to almost double the size of Luton Airport, protecting our green belt, and supporting our High Street.

That means saving our precious pensioners parking permits. I profoundly disagree with the Council’ policy to make them means tested. And it also means keeping free on street parking bays. I would like to see high street parking made easy for everyone.

Nationally, my priority is to oppose Labour’s plan to put VAT school fees. This will have huge consequences in Harpenden. It’s bad for pupils at state and private schools alike.

Whatever our frustrations with the Government, and I have many, I want to be a champion for everyone in Harpenden - whatever your politics and whoever you vote for on July 4th.


A huge audience at the KWS school event June 17

Third Off.

Mark Patten, SDP

Dear Voters in Harpenden,

Vote SDP because there is an alternative to the mainstream political parties. I have lived in the constituency for 26 years. I work locally at the L&D as a consultant anaesthetist. My children all grew up here and attended local Harpenden schools. My wife is a GP. I have spent all of my career in the NHS apart from three mobilisations with the Royal Navy Reserve.

The SDP will recognise the importance of the family in the tax system. We know it is the bedrock of society.

Our plans for social care again recognising and rewarding families that contribute to care will help save our NHS


We will build more social affordable homes via County Housing Corporations.

Any private developers will pay a 50% tax on the uplift in value of land when planning permission is given


Our young people/children will be able to come and live amongst us again when affordable housing is available.

Where? Build in My Backyard. Golf is a good walk spoiled. Aldwickbury Golf Course should be first.

Below. SDP Party members at the KWS school event June 17.

But Not called Keller and Nightingale!

Fourth Off.

  Symon Vego (representing Zara Layne), Labour Party

I love voting. So much is crammed into the few minutes between gleefully informing the Tory and LibDem tellers to put me in their “Against” total, and leaving the polling station thinking that, however infinitesimally, I have made the world a better place.

People died so that we could vote, and in so many countries people can’t vote at all, or it’s a forgone conclusion - I think we owe it to those people to do the right thing. In fact, I’m all for making voting compulsory - and to head off the argument that “they’re all as bad as one another” (which, in point of fact, they’re not!) there simply needs to be a “None of the above” option on the ballot paper. 

The Tories are into voter suppression by making it compulsory to show ID when you vote - the right kind of ID only of course, just to make it difficuult for the young and the poor and those marginalised in society. I’m all for scrapping this disingenuous and anti-democratic law, while extending the vote to 16 and 17 year olds. And introducing proportional representation too (namely a single transferable vote in a multi-member constituency). I do wonder what the Tories would make of that …

There remains the small matter of who to vote for, of course, and I have some views on that too. Oscar Wilde wrote that he could resist everything except temptation - I am proud to say that I never been tempted, in the slightest, to vote Tory. Such an act of irresponsibility and wanton cruelty is abhorrent to me. To Reform I’d quote the message popularized by ‘Shakespeare and Company’ in Paris: “be not inhospitable to strangers lest they be angels in disguise”. So much for the nasty right-wing parties. The Greens have their hearts in the right place, as do, broadly, the LibDems, although I’m sick to death of being told that only a vote for them can beat the Tories, (even if it’s true!). 

It simply has to be a vote for Labour. To serve the people, to rebuild our broken country, and to wash away the Tory years of economic lunacy, corruption, and the belief that the rules we all abide by don’t apply to them. 

Below. Labour Party members at the KWS school event June 17.

Fifth Off.

Saba Poursaeedi,  Reform UK

Reform UK is a party of the people, for the people. We’re made up train drivers, teachers, tradesmen, business owners, officer workers and a raft of hard working people who are all fed up with how politicians have failed to do anything that benefits the people of Britian.

I’m Saba Poursaeedi, and I’m proud to be standing for Reform UK in Harpenden and Berkhamsted because I grew up in Harpenden - and have always stayed local.I’m a proud husband and father, with baby number two due 2 weeks before polling day!

Running for Reform is something I felt duty-bound to do, I want a brighter future for my family, and that’s not on offer anywhere else. More debt, more regulation, and more limits on what people can achieve is all we can expect from the major parties.

I can’t be the only person who is tired of paying more for less? You name it: Energy, mortgages, rent, travel, parking, fuel, insurance, food, education, they have all gone up in price. All while inflation has shrunk the pound in your pocket. The cause: a catalogue of bad decisions and indecision from the Conservatives and New Labour.

Reform are the only party that pledge to cut taxes on income, energy, stamp duty, inheritance as well as abolishing IR35 and lifting thresholds for small businesses. We will stop the state leaching off you and the economy.

I will campaign hard against the education cash-grab. VAT on private school fees is just as abhorrent and cruel as 7.8% interest on a student loan. Having ambition and pursuing a first rate education should not punished just so a greedy state can grab more taxes! Only Reform UK is taking Labour to task over VAT on private schools and pledging to abolish interest on student loans that the Tories have ushered in.

Immigration isn’t something that comes up a lot in the constituency, both Harpenden and Berkhamsted seem to preserve much of there character in the face of the Tory’s open-border policy, but the surrounding villages are being affected with hotels being coopted to house illegal migrants, causing tension and disquiet. The threat of mass house building also hangs over the county at large with Tring and Redbourn under threat, all while the UK birth rate is 1.5/1.6, figure that one out?

More unwelcome changes are coming down the line, whether it’s new developments, parking meters or 20mph speed limits.

As your MP, I will stand in the way of anything that will ruin the beauty and character of Harpenden, Berkhamsted, Tring and the surrounding villages.

Please make a stand with me, and vote for a brighter future!

Below: A huge audience at KWS on June 17

And finally

Victoria Collins, Liberal Democrats

I’m Victoria Collins, and I’m proud to call this part of the world home. I’ve been the Liberal Democrat candidate for this new seat of Harpenden & Berkhamsted for over a year, and from launching the campaign by Batford Springs, to counting down the fireworks in Wheathampstead, or helping to turn the Christmas lights in Harpenden high street, it’s been a real honour to represent the Lib Dems here. Thank you for your growing support as we've continued to win local and by-elections - now there's a clear choice between the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives.

More importantly, it’s been a privilege talking to thousands of local people from Long Marston to Jersey Farm, from Flamstead to Sandridge. I’ve heard about the struggles you’re facing over health and social care, the cost of living crisis and your concern for our polluted chalk streams and environment.

I started my career in the European Parliament working on economic and financial regulation (my specialisation was economic policy with energy and environment), I then went on to advise international firms on sustainable change and start my own businesses. I grew up helping my mum on the shop floor of a market-town gift shop, just like Harpenden,  inspiring a lifelong passion for helping small businesses. Bringing together my background in policy and business and a passion for the environment and public service, I’ve campaigned to stop sewage dumping in precious local chalk streams and rivers.

If elected to Parliament as the new MP for Harpenden & Berkhamsted, I promise to be a strong voice in Westminster for local residents. My priorities are to fix our broken health and social care crisis, help families and businesses with the cost-of-living crisis and end the sewage scandal. I know, however, you have many more concerns including a failure to support children with special educational and disability needs, unsolved crimes or the expansion of Luton.

That’s why I aim to be a local champion fighting for your causes on a national stage for the people of this new seat of Harpenden & Berkhamsted. 

Below. Liberal Democrat Party members and visitors at the KWS school event June 17.