London/Luton Airport expansion





The operator of London Luton Airport has submitted a planning application (reference 21/00031/VARCON) seeking consent to increase the capacity of the airport from 18 million passengers per year (mppa) to 19 mppa, and to amend the day and night noise contours.

This application will be determined by the Local Planning Authority (LPA), which has validated the application and begun the 30-day statutory period of consultation.

June2021. Airspace change feedback report published.

Option One approved, which means minimal changes from today’s flight paths below 5,000ft, and greater dispersion of flights above 5,000ft.

A report summarising the feedback received by the consultation on proposed changes to arrival routes into London Luton Airport (LLA) has been published this week.

More than 2,400 people and organisations responded to the consultation, which ran from October 2020 to February 2021. Their feedback has been collated, categorised and reviewed to help inform the final design. Some of the main points that may influence the final design include:

Concerns about the position of a new hold exclusively for LLA traffic

Noise impacts below 8,000ft, which includes consideration of preferences expressed for the two options on which LLA and NATS consulted

Any increase in the use of aviation fuel

Impacts on other airspace users, by reducing the requirement for controlled airspace while still enhancing safety, and by agreeing operational practices to mitigate airspace access impacts


To follow the progress of this Airspace Change Proposal, please check the CAA portal:


Nov 18 2021. Luton Airport owners

(that’s Luton Council) have rebranded

the Airport to become Luton Rising.

This to reflect is is "more than an

airport not just about planes in

the sky".

London Luton Airport Ltd has become

Luton Rising to avoid confusion with

London Luton Airport Operations Ltd,

which runs the airport. Although the

day-to-day running of the airport

carried out by a separate private consortium.


The rebrand was revealed at the launch event of Morton House, a new skills, innovation and business hub which will create 200 jobs for the town.

Luton Rising chief executive Graham Olver said: "We are not so much a business as a movement.

"We believe our sustainability measures will be some of the most far-reaching commitments to minimise environmental impacts ever put forward by a UK airport.

"Our new name and strapline embody these values: Luton Rising - our airport, our community, our planet."

“Our community ownership means we have values and a mission that sets us apart. One example of this is our approach to the environment. As owners of an airport, we are fully aware of our environmental impact: particularly carbon emissions, noise, traffic and air pollution.

"We believe our sustainability measures will be some of the most far-reaching commitments to minimise environmental impacts, ever put forward by a UK airport. And we aim to go further, pro-actively supporting the council’s target for Luton to be carbon neutral by 2040.”

Cllr Hazel Simmons, Leader of Luton Council, said: “Our ownership of London Luton Airport helps ensure thousands of positive life changing interventions can be made each year by the amazing charities and front line services the company funds.

"The new name and strapline much better explain what the company does and why it exists. For us it’s not about planes in the sky, it’s about creating exciting new opportunities for future generations and helping Luton become a town that truly thrives."

Read more on their web site;