Shop and Eating out


Selfridges in Harpenden?

By Ron Taylor. Editor

When you look at the incredible variety of retail shops in Harpenden and Southdown it all adds up to a giant departmental store.

So next time you think of going to shop in London, think again, it could all be here on your doorstep. Save the train fare, spend a day in ‘the village’ and sample the fayre from one of the many bars or restaurants.

The list below shows what’s available (up to Roundwood Lane but excludes Southdown)

Art Galleries x 3

Art/Picture Frame workshop x 1

Babies and young children shops x 1

Baker and Cake shops x 4

Banks x 2

Beauty Salon/Spa/Nails x 5

Beauty/Cosmetics x 4

Betting shop x 1

Book shop x 1

Butcher x 1

Building Societies x 1

Cards, Books, Stationary, Papers and Magazines x 1

Carpet and flooring  x 1

Charity shops x 9

Chemists x 4

Coffee Bars/Tea shops x 9

Delicatessen x 2

DIY and Paint x 1

Dry Cleaners x 2

Empty Shops x 12

Estate Agents & Letting Agents x 11

Fast Food x 6

Financial Advice x 2

Fitness Centre/Gym/Pilates x 2

Florist x 2

Frozen Foods x 1

Furniture and fabric shops x 1

Convenience stores x 2

Gift & Card shops x 4

Health shops x 1

Jewellers x 4

Kitchen/Bathroom shops x 3

Ladies Hairdressers x 10

Ladies wear x 3

Men’s hairdressers x 5

Men’s wear x 1

Newsagents x 1

Opticians x 4

Phone shop x 2

Pet shop x 1

Post Office x 1

Restaurants x 15

Sandwich shop x 2

Sweet shops x 1

Shoe shops x 1

Shoe repairs x 1

Sporting goods x 1

Supermarkets x 4

Vape products x 1

Wine shops x 1

Local shop owners face many problems.

Rising rent and rates...declining disposable consumer incomes...pressure by the supermarkets to take market share from the independents...increasing popularity of shopping centres and internet shopping.

So go out and support your local shops.

Help support local charity Rennie Gove when you shop at the Co-Op by joining their membership scheme.

The Co-op has chosen Rennie Grove as one of its local causes, where shoppers can earn rewards for themselves and their local community. When members buy selected Co-op products, they receive 2p from every £1 spent into their membership account, and the Co-op donates the same amount to their chosen local cause.

Rennie Grove will invest all funds raised through the Co-op partnership into its bereavement support programme. As well as flexible support, tailored to an individual’s needs, the charity also runs weekly support group sessions for recently bereaved adults as part of a more structured, eight-week programme of support. Facilitated by a qualified counsellor and a listening volunteer, the support groups also feature guest speakers with specific areas of expertise such as nutrition, sleep and finance.

To choose Rennie Grove as your preferred Co-op local cause, either 1) download the Co-op app to your smart phone, register and select Rennie Grove as your local cause under the ‘membership’ tab, or 2) sign up on their website here: https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes/59627

Do you need support with your energy or food bills?

Harpenden Town Council may be able to help.

Funding is available for families and individuals living in Harpenden who are currently experiencing difficulty paying their food or energy bills.

They can offer supermarket vouchers to help with your food bills and financial support to help with energy bills, or for essentials linked to energy and water (including hygiene products, warm clothing, blankets, boiler service/repair, help with buying white goods including fridges, freezers, ovens).

It is an easy process for those who need assistance. You do not need a referral, simply contact Harpenden Town Council:

1. Email harpenden.town.council@harpenden.gov.uk

Please include your name, address and phone number, and answer

the questions that are shown below and on the back of the leaflet.

2. Complete the form below including your name, address and phone number, and answer all the questions.

Drop it into the letter box at

the Town Council, Town Hall, Leyton Road,

Harpenden, AL52LX
3. OR call one of our Officers on 01582 768278.


Experience a warm welcome at Harpenden’s new Italian style restaurant - ZIOS PIZZERIA in Station Rd.

A wood fired oven with a setting in true Italian style and friendly staff will make for a memorable meal.

‘Home made’ is favourite comment when I asked Chef about their sauces, mains and desserts. ‘Affordable’ is another word that grabs your attention when you look at the menu.

It has a range of Starters, Pizzas, Pastas, Mains and Deserts to satisfy all tastes. It’s open 11am -11pm every day.

And it does take aways too.

34 Station Road, AL5 4SE. 01582 551 455



Approximately 12% of people in

the UK have been the victims of

payments fraud in the last four

years, according to a new report

by ACI Worldwide.

The research reveals that 

online fraud and digital

wallet hacks now account

for 19.8% of UK fraud cases.

In addition, the number of

consumers falling victim to

confidence tricks has increased to 12.8% of all fraud cases.

New methods of fraud such as digital account hacking, identity theft and social engineering have also reached pandemic levels in the UK.

According to UK Finance, UK fraud victims lost £1.3 billion in 2021 alone amid a surge in online fraud, with a near 40% rise in authorised push payment (APP) scams.

“As more consumers rely on digital and real-time payments, fraudsters are increasingly targeting the online space to steal sensitive information and top up any missing pieces by impersonating well known organisations such as banks or government bodies,” ACI Worldwide director, fraud product management Jackie Barwell said.

“A radical rethink of fraud fighting strategies and industry wide collaboration is required to bring the situation under control. It is an issue that banks cannot solve on their own any longer.

“Financial service providers, social media giants, telco companies and enforcement agencies all need to work together to stop fraudsters in their tracks before the fraudulent transactions take place.

The range of cakes from Zuckermaus Artisan Bakery is pretty amazing as you can see from their stall at the Farmer’s Market  + ORDER ONLINE

NEW & unique in Harpenden

BRAD & DILLS Coffee & Bagels

Takeaway Bar

The best tasting coffee and bagels in town.


Coffee blends selected from a London roaster to

give smooth rich flavours

Bagels made by an artisan baker and filled with

exquisite fillings to order

Even a speciality milk for a creamier flavour.


Brad & Dills are two Harpenden based

entrepreneurs with ‘on trend’ experience in the

hospitality business, having worked in London

and European bars and restaurants. It all started

in Harpenden with a mobile at The Skew Bridge back in March...testing the reactions of Harpenden coffee lovers with their food and drinks concept.

It didn’t take long for them to realise that everyone loved it.

They found the perfect location at the north end of Town next to Loveweds Jewellers.

NOW OPEN 7 days a week for Takeaway

Coffee & Bagels

Mon -Fri. 7.30am - 4pm

Sat & Sun.  8.30am - 4pm

Bagels available 9am - 2pm.

There’s even a few seats should you wish to

stay awhile.

Once tried never forgotten!


Environmentally, sustainable shopping here on the Harpenden High Street at the Rennie Grove outlet.

Re-use. Reduce. Recycle

New Jewellers now open on the

Harpenden High Street.

"At Jessica Wilson our great love is for creating bespoke jewellery, by taking the time to get to know you as part of the process of making pieces that are truly personal to you. 

We have recently opened our new showroom on the highstreet, with both contemporary and antique pieces for you to browse. It also has a workshop on the first floor from where we offer repairs and alterations."

35 High St. On the corner by Thompsons Close

Tel. 07399340329

Website www.jessicawilsondesign.co.uk

Email info@jessicawilsondesign.co.uk

Jan.  It’s Sale time on the Harpenden High Street

A New Way to have your pudding at weekends!

The Pudding Stop will serve you one of their delectable puddings for 20% off if you bring your restaurant receipt (NOT showing pudding)

Friday & Saturday only.

The Pudding Stop next to M&S

Majestic Wine could be opening in Harpenden following their planning application for the old Santander bank.

Following after  2 years since its closure and with no retailer taking an option to open up it will be good news to see this prime site back in action.

We await a decision from St Albans planning officers.

Jan. New Restaurant to open on the High Street in Spring.

The owners  currently working on the design concept.

The style of food still to be revealed. Unlikely to be a Thai as that is already next door.