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3D TV launch at the Bang & Olufsen store in Harpenden.

Share the experience and all you need to know about 3D TV technology.

Enjoy all the excitement of the Harpenden Christmas Carnival and the Christmas lights. Town Mayor Michael Weaver with Toyah Wilcox

Experience stunning sounds and elegant design of  BeoSound 8, Bang & Oulfsen’s new docking system for the Apple iPad at the Harpenden B & O store.

See how the Harpenden Loyalty Card helps consumers and local business in Harpenden

Experience the beauty of Sardinia’s beaches, it’s archeological heritage and the stunning Lantana Hotel close to Pula and Nora.

Meet top sculptor Guy Portelli who called in to the A & K Wilson Gallery in Harpenden to chat to Drew Wilson the Gallery owner.

Job seeking skills and guidance for young people. Watch the  interview by Ron Taylor the editor of HARPENDIA with Sally Wells and Jonathan Grey.

Reviews and interviews by Ron Taylor the editor of HARPENDIA with many of the artists who attended the Childwickbury Arts Fair in July 2010.

Philip Gray paints for charity at the Lemongrove Gallery official opening in Harpenden on Feb. 27. International artist Philip Gray engaged with the guests to create a painting.

Listen to the beautiful music at

the home of Harpenden’s top classical pianist Annett Busse.

See how local school children in Harpenden helped to raise money for the victims of the Haiti disaster.

Find out how The Harpenden Seniors Forum is looking after the interests of Harpenden’s senior citizens.




Annett Busse in tune with the Editor?

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Harpenden’s Town Mayor’s FASHION SHOW. At the Harpenden House Hotel. November 2011

Pampered Chef, Wendy Jones gives a cookery demonstration at Redbourn’s Hot Office

Classics on the Common.

July 2011.

Ladies fashion store EAST opens in Harpenden.

September 2011.

B J Gidman book signing at

WH Smith in Harpenden.

The launch of Harpenden History society web site.

Christmas lights on events in December 2011.


Music at Southdown’s event.

Lights on at Southdown.

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